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Carbon Alloy Special Steels

IFA forge carbon alloy special steels for two key markets – Aerospace / Aerostructures and Oil and Gas Valves. We source these alloys from Prime Contractor and OEM approved sources.

HYKROBS S106 W.Nr/EN MSRR 6001, MSRR 6002
F22UNS K21590 : WNr/EN 1.7380 FMC Specs: M20708,M20714, M20717,
F65ASTM A694 F65
LF 2UNS K03011 : ASTM A350 Grade LF2
4130UNS G41300 : W.Nr/EN 1.7218 AMS 6348/70 : FMC Spec M21509, M21511
4140UNS 41400 : W.Nr/EN 1.7225 : FMC Spec M20305, M20306, M20307, M20313
4145UNS G41450 : W.Nr/EN 1.2332
4340UNS G43400 : W.Nr/EN 1.6552 : AMS 6409/14/15/84 : BS S149, :
FMC Spec M20504, M20509
8630UNS G86300 : W.Nr/EN 1.6545 : FMC Spec M20407, M20408,
Various British “S” Specs
for Aerospace
S15,S62,S82,S95,S106, S119,S130,S132,S140,S149, S151,S155,S156,S157,S162-