Open-Die Forging

Press Forge – our 1600 tonne fast acting drawdown hydraulic press is fed by mobile manipulators allowing for rapid transfer of pieces from 10 gas fired pre-forge furnaces.

press forging

Hammer Forge – we operate 1, 2 and 7 tonne forging hammers with a capability of up to 1000kg piece weight.

hammer forging

Seamless Ring Rolling – our horizontal and vertical ring rolling capability can produce rings up to 2500mm diameter and 720 mm deep, supported by expanding equipment to ensure tight tolerances and good ring concentricity.

ring rolling

GFM Radial Forge – for custom long products: round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, multi-section shafts in nickel, cobalt, iron-based superalloys, titanium alloys, copper alloys, steels and stainless steels.

GFM forging

Cold Rotary Forging technology that can provide up to 90% materials savings compared to conventional machining of parts requiring exacting property requirements and have thin wall complex geometries.

Cold Rotary Forging