gas turbine transition piece forgings

Gas Turbine Transition Piece Forgings

Independent Forgings and Alloys is the leading forging manufacturer of the Gas Turbine Transition Piece (commonly referred to as picture frames).

The Transition Piece (picture frame) is a critical part of a gas turbine, leading the hot gas from the combustion chamber to the turbine guide vanes. It experiences high thermal stress levels, limiting its lifecycle and making is the most crucial part of the entire engine.

Due to the environment these parts are typically designed in nickel based super alloys. These grades are IFA’s strategic grades namely C263, Alloy 230, Alloy 617 and Alloy 188, which we purchase in ingot form and convert to the required input dimensions on our 1600 tonne hydraulic press.

By manufacturing this as a closed die component on IFA’s 4 tonne hammer, we can produce near net shape, enabling considerable raw material and machining cost savings versus machining from solid plate or sheet, along with long term improved lead-times.

Frame sizes 6B, 7B, 7E/EA, and 9E for Gas Turbines.