b'Forging SimulationIFA assumes the responsibility to fulfil our customers requirements in full. We use forging simulation software to create new parts as 3D models in order to plan and refine the forging operation, before we make tooling or use material to produce test forgings. Simulation of forging processes solves the following technological requirements:Stress-strain state calculation and prediction of material flow in full billet volume duringexecution of forging operationsPrediction of structure quality after forging and estimation of surfaces and inner defectsFinding optimal shapes for forging toolsFinding optimal forging regimes: heating, rotation and/or axial movement between blowsDeveloping processes and determining requirements of heating between operationsSimulation improves the efficiency of a technological process by:Reducing wasted materialIncreasing the durability of the toolingProviding favourable microstructure of the forged part (fibrous structure), to increase its operational qualitiesProviding optimal temperature profile of heating, forging and heat treatment to get favourable microstructure'