Nuclear Forgings Market

nuclear industry forgings

Historically the site has supplied forgings to several generations of UK nuclear programmes from the first Magnox reactors in the 1950’s, through to volume supply of  3,000tonnes per year in the AGR reactors (1979 -84) trough to Sizewell B. More recently the current Westinghouse AP reactors and component forgings within the Areva Flamanville EPR vessel.

In preparation for the UK Nuclear new build projects IFA have been per-qualified by AREVA as a key supplier for the manufacture of forged components for their EPR reactors.  A formal memorandum of understanding was signed with AREVA in late 2012. IFA were one of 25 UK companies seen as strategic to AREVA for their UK new build projects.

IFA was one of the first manufacturers to join the Nuclear AMRC as a Tier Two member and among the first to complete the “fit for nuclear” assessment in anticipation of new projects.