Laboratory Uncertainty Budgets

This section contains the current calculated uncertainty values for the test types included in the IFA Technology Centre schedule of accreditation (where qualitative values are being reported only). All values quoted are as a percentage of the measured result of the test, where multiple ranges are tested providing a different uncertainty an indicative value is provided.

Uncertainty budgets may at any time fluctuate due to a variety of factors including; periodic calibration of equipment, new staff as well as other day to day contributions. In general these changes will have a negligible effect on the uncertainty budget quoted, due to this the values below should be viewed as an estimate indicative of the uncertainty rather than a precise error value. The IFA Technology Centre can provide an uncertainty budget for a specific test upon request if required to determine the risk to the conformity of test results.

Room Temperature Tensile Testing
Ultimate Tensile Strength ± 1.1%
0.2% Proof Stress ± 1.4%
Elevated Temperature Testing
Ultimate Tensile Strength ± 0.7%
0.2% Proof Stress ± 4.0%
Stress Rupture (Stress Applied) Contact us for information
Stress Rupture (Time) Contact us for information
Elevated Temp Control (High) ± 0.2%
Elevated Temp Control (Low) ± 0.2%
Charpy Impact Testing
Absorbed Energy Contact us for information
Hardness Testing
Hardness Rockwell B (≈92HRB) ± 3.9%
Hardness Rockwell B (≈54HRB) ± 5.9%
Hardness Rockwell C (≈46HRC) ± 3.2%
Hardness Rockwell C (≈25HRC) ± 4.9%
Hardness Vickers Hv 30kg (≈400Hv) ± 2.0%
Hardness Vickers Hv 30kg (≈260Hv) ± 2.2%
Hardness Vickers Hv 10kg (≈400Hv) ± 5.4%
Hardness Vickers Hv 10kg (≈260Hv) ± 2.1%
Hardness Brinell High (≈360HBW) ± 4.2%
Hardness Brinell Low (≈250HBW) ± 2.5%
General Testing Measurements
Elongation Measurement ± 0.7%
Reduction of Area Measurement ± 0.2%