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Quality Approvals

IFA approvals

We hold the following approvals

Standard: BS EN ISO 9001:2015/ AS9100 Rev D
Approval Body: Lloyds Register Quality Assurance
Standard: BS EN ISO 14001:2015
Approval Body: Lloyds Register Quality Assurance
Standard: BS OHSAS 18001:2007
Approval Body: Lloyds Register Quality Assurance
Approval Body No.: Nadcap – AS7003 Heat Treatment
121801 (Manufacturer & Stockist)
Approval Body No.: Rolls-Royce
93350 (SABRe) (Manufacturer & Sub Contractor)
Approval Body No.: Rolls-Royce Nuclear Sector Submarines
2000011 (SABRe, GS3001) (Manufacturer of Forgings)
Approval Body No.: Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co.
103520 (SABRe) (Manufacturer & Sub Contractor)
Approval Body No.: Messier-Dowty GQA223 (Manufacturer)
Approval Body No.: Honeywell – EMS 52548 (Manufacturer)
Approval Body No.: Westland – F12, F42, H24 (Manufacturer)
Approval Body No.: Agusta Westland – Forged and Machined Bars
Approval Body No.: Lloyds Register – MD00/0738/0008/3
Lloyds Register (Manufacturer)
Approval Body No.: FMC Technologies
Direct and Indirect Forgings and Ring Rolled in Carbon, Low Alloy and selected Nickel Alloys.
Approval Body No.: Goodrich Electrical Power Systems
Open die forgings including machined components manufactured from forged rings
Approval Body No.: Areva – Manufacture of seamless rolled rings
Approval Body No.: BAE Systems Regional Aircraft Ref RALOA/00551/1
Approval Body No: Airbus – Material part manufacturer 302334
Approval Body No: Dowty Propellers – Forgings. Approval No. RMS03695P
Approval Body No: GKN Aerospace – Raw material approval
Approval Body No: Timet UK Limited
Sub contract – GFM Forging, Hammer Forgings and Heat Treatment
Approval Body No: Petrobras Approval No. 032046 Rev 00
Manufacture of rolled rings
Approval Body No: MOD Q1 (N) Approval No. D/STG/169/1/5/4.4
Forgings to Def Stan 02-736 Part 2
Approval Body No: Ge Oil & Gas PV00709


Independent Forgings and Alloys ISO9001/AS9100

Download a copy of our ISO9001/AS9100 certificate.

To request a copy of any other approval please contact us here, stating which Approval you require.