Forging Capabilities & Processes

Through our extensive forging capabilities and processes, we offer a fully integrated metals service centre: from ingot/billet and forging through to fully tested and released machined products.

Our expertise lies in alloy supply and sourcing, open-die forge production, heat treatments and materials testing.

We have an extensive knowledge of industry and customer specific manufacturing specifications accumulated through years of practical experience. We have on-site technical resource of metallurgists and production engineers to guide and assist customers with their forging requirements.

> Ingot Stock

Ingot stock is a key product in supporting IFA’s comprehensive forgings and billet range. This product gives us the flexibility to produce forged products on a fast response lead time.

> Press Forging

1600 Ton fast acting drawdown hydraulic press is fed by mobile manipulators for rapid transfer of pieces from 10 gas furnaces.

> Hammer Forging

We operate 1, 2 and 7 ton forging hammers with a capacity of up to 1000kg piece weight.

> Ring Rolling

With our horizontal and vertical ring rolling capacity we can produce rings up to 2500mm diameter, 720 mm deep, to extend the forging diameters and sizes beyond those produced on our forging hammers.

> GFM Radial Forging

GFM radial forged custom long products – round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, multi-section shafts Nickel, Cobalt, Iron-based superalloys, Titanium alloys, Copper alloys, Steels and Stainless Steels.

> Heat Treatment

Our dedicated Heat treatment facility includes 8 gas-fired furnaces fed by 2 rail bound charging machines and hardness testing. Air, water and oil quench media are available.

> Machining

We have machine shop facilities capable of meeting the most demanding requirements. Each employee has over 20 years experience within the industry and our 3 shift system provides a 24 hour service to cover any customer needs.

> Testing

We offer testing and inspection to meet both customer specifications and international standards, including ultrasonic examination, visible dye penetration and visible magnetic particle inspection of machined products.