Aerospace Forgings Market

aerospace forgings


Specialist forgings for Aero-Engines and APU’s including seamless rolled-rings, forged discs, forged shafts and forged bars for subsequent finish machining. Forgings are supplied proof machined +2mm above finished line-form tolerances.

Our forgings provide the raw materials for components which include compressor rings, casing body rings, flanges and seals on the combustion side through to drive shafts, gear blanks and bar stock for fasteners, inlets and nozzles and pipe connectors.

Customer approvals include Rolls Royce, ITP, Honeywell, GE (Prague) and Avio.

Our stock is certified to MSSR release in support of the Rolls Royce global supply chain.

Key Strategic stock alloys for us are:

Nickel Alloys: Alloy 625, 718, 75, 80A, C263, Rene 41®, Waspaloy® Alloy X
Cobalt Alloys: Alloy 188
Titanium Alloys: Grade 5
Stainless and Special Steels: 17-4PH, Nitronic® 50, S145, S151, S152



IFA specialises in open-die forged blocks and forge flat and round bar for subsequent machining into Airframe components and fuselage structures.

Our products are the feedstock for components which include wing slat and tracks, pylons, fuselage frame work and supports. Elsewhere undercarriage and braking assemblies.

Customer Approvals include: Airbus, AugustaWestland, SAFRAN/MESSIER DOWTY / MEGGIT/ BAE Systems

Key strategic alloy stock for us are:

Nickel Alloys: Alloy 625 AMS5666 and 718 AMS5662, AMS5663
Titanium Alloys: Grade 5 – AMS 4911, AMS 4928 AMS4965
Stainless and Special Steels: 17-4PH, 15-5PH, A286, Maraging 250, 300, 350, Nitronic® 50, S145, S151, S152